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Go Green – Save Green. Its more than just a slogan. An investment in renewable energy offers not only an immediate return on investment from federal tax credits, electric utility incentives, and accelerated depreciation, but can provide lower and more predictable operating expenses. 

Solar module efficiency has increased from about 13 percent to over 20 percent during the last 20 years. Paired with a 10x price reduction, the economics for installation of solar has never been better.

Apadana Solar is a Twin Cities based full-service engineering, procurement and construction firm that will optimize your solar PV system given your unique power consumption profile.  

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Solar energy has always been the most accessible means for business, home, and property owners to directly participate in sustainable green energy.  The technology has advanced to the point that most solar systems will operate with minimal intervention for decades, reliably and noiselessly generating electricity for their owners.  While the environmental benefits of solar energy help us all, the fact is that the lion’s share of the financial benefits of solar go to the owner of the solar panels and owning solar has never been more affordable than it is today.  



Electric Vehicle (EV) sales are growing exponentially in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota, and across the country.  Electric vehicle owners need residential charging systems. Owners of commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential properties need charging systems as well. Selecting and installing the best suited equipment is not a simple task. Apadana Solar can help.



Energy storage is an important component in a comprehensive solar PV system. Without storage, solar power produced by the system must be consumed directly or fed into the public grid – otherwise it is lost. Direct use is often not possible or may be partially possible because solar systems produce power during the day and your building’s demand may be greatest after sundown. Energy storage gives you options. 



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