Solar energy has always been the most accessible means for business, home, and property owners to directly participate in sustainable green energy.  The technology has advanced to the point that most solar systems will operate with minimal intervention for decades, reliably and noiselessly generating electricity for their owners.  While the environmental benefits of solar energy help us all, the fact is that the lion’s share of the financial benefits of solar go to the owner of the solar panels, and owning solar has never been more affordable than it is today.  Apadana is ready to show you how easily and inexpensively you can have your own solar system along with all of the environmental and financial benefits.  We make the process easy.  Select “Request a Quote” from any of our web pages to take the first step on your solar journey and receive a free quotation for your commercial, residential, agricultural, or non-profit solar energy system.

Apadana Solar Technologies doesn't stop with solar panels!  Electric Vehicle (EV) sales are growing exponentially in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota, and across the country.  We design and execute projects to add EV Charging stations for businesses, residences, and parking garages to ensure customers and tenants can conveniently keep their EV's charged. We are Tesla certified for the Tesla Wall Connector and work with many other EV chargers as well.

Battery storage has also become popular for customers desiring back-up power or to increase their energy independence.  Apadana is certified by Tesla for Powerwall as well as Sonnen to design and execute your battery storage project or solar + storage system.

Go Green and Save Green!

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