Solar and Electric Vehicles are the Perfect Pair
Electric Vehicle Chargers

Electric Vehicles (EV) are gaining traction in the U.S. Within the next four years, 5% of all cars sales are projected to be electric -- a 10x growth from today's level. Here at Apadana Solar Technologies our most important goal is to work with our customers to build a more sustainable future, so we are excited to watch the demand for EV grow, and we jumped at the chance to become a certified installer for five different suppliers of EV chargers. Apadana Solar Technologies partners with Apadana, LLC to provide fast and affordable EV charger installations for both residential and commercial properties. We offer a variety of EV chargers including: Tesla Wall Connectors, Clipper Creek charging stations, ZEF Energy ZEFNET chargers, eMotorwerks Juicebox charging stations, and Chargepoint charging stations.