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If you are considering the addition of Solar power to your home, let Apadana guide you through the process of evaluating your decision. 


How Much Power Can I Make?  The amount of power generated by a solar energy system is highly dependent on the size of the system and more importantly the amount of the sun’s energy that can be captured by the panels. When placed on your home’s roof, the roof condition and panel directional orientation (south-facing is best), and shading must be considered in the system design. To make solar a solid financial decision requires that your electric utility provider purchase the excess power you make. This power purchase arrangement is called Net Metering. In Minnesota, the state’s Net Metering law applies to all investor-owned and municipal utilities and electric cooperatives and requires that the utility compensate customers with systems less than 40 kW in size for net excess generation at the average retail utility energy rate. Some utilities, such as Xcel Energy, limit the power they will purchase to 120% of your home’s prior twelve months of electricity usage. Using satellite imaging to view your home/property, Apadana’s solar designers will create a system that maximizes the power production to the power purchase limits, if applicable.


What about the equipment?  The price and quality of solar PV panels and associated electrical equipment has changed as more product has become available. Yet not all equipment is created equal. Some low-cost equipment can make the system cost appear attractive, but the panels may not generate maximum electric power, or they may lack long-term durability. Apadana electrical engineers conduct a detailed analysis of the industry’s leading solar PV panels and inverters to ensure that the equipment we offer is top quality and the best price.


What is the Installation Process? Apadana will secure any building permits and obtain permission from your electric utility provider to interconnect with their electric grid. We use our own electricians licensed by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry to layout and install each system. Our installation team positions, mounts, and connects the solar panels in the desired rooftop location. Inverter equipment is then installed as well as a secondary production meter and online monitoring system. 


What is the Warranty? Our equipment is covered by the manufacturers’ warranties.  Solar PV panels are from Tier 1 suppliers and have a 25-year production warranty; Microinverters come with a 25-year warranty, panel racking system has a 20 year warranty, and we provide a 5-year workmanship warranty on our installation. The system has no moving parts and will produce trouble-free electricity for decades.

Incentives. The most significant financial aspect of installing solar on your home is incentives offered by the government and your electric utility. For all homeowners across the country, the federal government offers an Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for installation of solar (and related battery storage). The ITC is computed my multiplying the final cost of the system times the ITC rate of 26% (for 2021 and 2022). This credit is then applied toward your federal tax liability for the year in which the system was installed. In addition, some electric utility providers offer additional cash payment incentives based on the amount of electricity generated by the new solar system. Xcel Energy’s Solar Rewards program. Apadana will help guide you to the available incentives and which we reflect in system proposal and financial analysis we provide to each customer.


Is Financing Available? There is a wide variety of financing available to homeowners. Apadana works closely with a number of highly reputable finance firms, such as CU-GREEN that can connect you to local credit unions offering financing at very competitive rates.  If you prefer the smallest possible monthly payments, we can provide 20-year financing through LoanPal.


Why Choose Apadana Solar? We know you have choices. It seems that every day there is a new “solar installer” in town, or maybe even worse, an out-of-town sales company who will subcontract your installation to the lowest bidder. When you choose Apadana, you are choosing a Minnesota solar contractor that has proven its ability to design and install large commercial systems in addition to residential systems. It is that expertise, and our commitment to quality and service that set us apart.

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